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French Immersion Program

Willingdon is a French Immersion school where only French is taught during the first three years of schooling, at the Kindergarten and Cycle I levels; all subjects, with the exception of Ethics and Religious Culture, are taught in French.

Once in Cycle II, the students receive instruction in both English and French.

The subjects taught in French at the Cycle II and III levels are French second language, sciences humaines, éthique et culture réligieuse, éducation physique et à la santé, musique et arts plastiques.  The courses instructed in the English language are English language arts, mathematics and science and technology. The Immersion schedule of the Cycle II and III students alternates whole days for each language; the fifth day is shared with instruction in both French and English.

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General Academics

Daily Physical Activity Icon
Daily Physical Activity
Integrating opportunities for movement into the school day.
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Elementary Education Program Icon
Elementary Education Program
General information on the Elementary Education Program
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EMSB Chorale Icon
EMSB Chorale
EMSB Chorale has a proud history of providing exceptional music and vocal training at a...
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Extra-Curricular Activities
All elementary and secondary schools offer some form of additional learning opportunities...
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French Immersion
The French immersion program, offers 85% of French language instruction in the early...
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Intramural Sports
Intramural Sports
Intramural activities are organized recreational activities within the school.
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