Come Grow With Us !

Our Mission

Willingdon School promotes the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and moral development of its students in a safe learning environment, to enable them to become responsible, agentic members of society. At Willingdon, we strive to foster academic excellence and a love of learning, stimulate intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, respond to innovation and enhance the partnership between parents and educators. At Willingdon School, the students, teachers, parents and staff come together as educational partners to initiate and to build upon the learning process of all students. We strive to respect fundamental human rights and freedoms such as freedom of religion and expressions of religion of students, parents and staff.

Our Values


  • The successful education of our students depends upon the partnership of home, school and the students themselves, with all members working in a collaborative manner and fulfilling their respective responsibilities.
  • Engaging our students in meaningful learning situations using critical thinking and collaborative approaches to solve problems.


  • To maintain a harmonious school culture, we promote respect for self, for others and for the school environment. We foster the celebration of diversity, inclusion, empathy, local and global awareness and giving back.
  • To cultivate healthy interpersonal relationships by providing an environment rich in social interactions and opportunities for self-reflection.
  • To promote environmental awareness, we engage our students in a diversity of sustainability practices.
  • To encourage students to use their voice for positive change and advocate for those who are silenced.

Development of Well-rounded Students

  • Our goal is to guide all students in achieving their full potential as responsible and contributing members of society. We support their intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.
  • We support multiple intelligences across the curriculum and value the creative contributions of all students
  • To teach a growth mindset where students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and reframe their mistakes as learning opportunities.
  • To foster pride and proficiency in their abilities to express themselves in both French and English and to wholeheartedly embrace both cultures.

Promotion of a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

  • To encourage our students to adopt a healthy lifestyle, we provide information and guidance to help students make well-informed, healthy choices regarding nutrition, mental health and physical activity. We believe in creating a culture of mindfulness, empowering them to build their self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience and self-regulation skills.