Come Grow With Us !

Willingdon school is proud of its dedicated teachers, administrators and support staff. We work together to create a simulating and nurturing environment for our students.


Principal : Ms. Carmen Nicholas 
Vice Principal (Junior Campus) : Steve Spetsieris
Vice Principal (Senior Campus) : Maya Doughan
School Secretary (Junior Campus) : Andrea Gordon
School Secretary (Junior Campus) : Rosie Milli 
School Secretary (Senior Campus) : Sylvie Azzuolo

Teachers Junior Campus

Teachers - Grade 2
Teachers -Grade 3

Teachers - Senior Campus

Teachers - Grade 5
Teachers - Grade 5/6
Teachers - Grade 6
Teaching Specialists
Senior Campus
Grades K & 4
Physical Education & Health
Grades 1-3/4
Physical Education & Health
Grades 3-6
Grades 4-6
Physical Education & Health
Grades K-1-2
Music, E.R.C.
Junior Campus
Grades 2-6
Special Needs Staff
EMSB Professional & Support Staff
C.S.S.S. Professionals