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Willingdon Governing Board

The Governing Board is the legal body of the school as defined in The Education Act. Members are elected to this committee at a General Assembly held in September, which then meets on a regular basis. It works closely with Administration to advise and work to achieve the goals of the school as expressed in The Mission Statement, The Educational Project, and The Success Plan.

Our meetings will continue to take place virtually due to the circumstances of this year.

Parents are always welcome to join the meetings as observers and/or if they have questions for Governing Board.

If you wish to attend a virtual GB meeting and/or have questions to submit, please contact the Governing Board chair 48 hours in advance at Parents submitting a question must attend the upcoming GB meeting in order to present their question or must present it by proxy. Please note that the chair will be sending you in advance the virtual link to the upcoming meeting.

How do I join the Governing Board?

Each September, Willingdon holds a General Assembly of parents in the school gym, where the parent members of the Governing Board are elected by general vote. For more information about meetings and how to join the Governing Board, please contact the Governing Board chairperson or Willingdon's principal.

2022-2023 Governing Board Members 

  • Eric Lamoureux - Chair- Parent
  • Aurora Flewwelling-Skup - Parent
  • Karyn Moffatt  - Parent
  • Lucas Reindler - Parent
  • Matt Follett Parent 
  • Laura Primiano - Parent
  • Aurora Flewwelling-Skup  - EMSB Parent's Committee Delegate
  • Lucas Reindler- EMSB Parent's Committee Alternate
  • Ramandeep Sidhu - Parent Advisory Committee Chairperson
  • Nick Batzios - Teacher
  • Lara Belinsky - Teacher
  • Kathleen Usher - Teacher
  • Kim Gregus - Teacher
  • Laurice Morcos - Teacher
  • Maria Santino  Daycare Technician
  • Halah Al-Ubaidi  - Community Representative, NDG Community Council
  • Nadine Collins  - Community Representative, Women on the Rise

Willingdon Governing Board Documents