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Willingdon School promotes the intellectual, social, emotional and moral development of its students, which enables them to become responsible members of society. At Willingdon, we strive to foster academic excellence and a love of learning, stimulate intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, and strengthen the partnership between parents and educators. Willingdon is a true community school where students learn to practice healthy lifestyle habits and where they learn the importance of giving back to the community and the world around them.

School Policies and Procedures:
Attendance & Absences

Students must attend school regularly and be punctual. Parents should not allow their children to miss school for appointments, vacations or social events. Medical appointments should be scheduled on pedagogical days or after school.

Absences and Lates

Student success and attendance go hand-in-hand, therefore daily attendance is mandatory, unless there is an illness or emergency appointment. If a student will be absent from or late to school, a parent or guardian must call the school office at 514-484-2881 before 9:35 AM.

Early Dismissal

An early dismissal for medical or other personal reasons will be granted if the school is provided with written notice signed by the parents. This signed request should be given to the homeroom teacher. Any student who becomes ill during the day should advise the staff. For security purposes, all parents picking up their child for an early dismissal are required to come to the main office to sign out.


Students who are sick should remain at home. Parents will be requested to pick up their children, if they become sick at school. If the student is well enough to be at school, the student will go outside during recess and lunch.

Junior Campus – Student Drop-Off

Supervision in our schoolyard begins at 8:50 a.m. & ends with the departure of buses at 4:00 p.m. The school is not responsible for students in the schoolyard beyond these times.

Junior Campus – Bad Weather Entry

In order to help us direct your children to their classrooms in the most organized manner possible, we kindly ask you to observe the following procedure for days of inclement weather during the school year. Students are to be dropped off at the side doors of Draper and Royal as detailed below.

On days with bad weather conditions (such as extreme cold, winds or rain), an indoor entry procedure will be signaled with 3 successive bells. Supervising teachers will open the side doors on Draper and Royal at 8:50 am on such days. Students must gather and wait in their designated areas in the lunchrooms until the 9:05 bell rings.

Draper Avenue side Kindergarten and grade 1

Royal Avenue side Grades 2, 3 and 4

We require that parents do not enter the schoolyard in the morning or enter the school on indoor entry days. Parents are asked to simply drop off their children.

Junior Campus – Student Pick Up

Parents & students who remain in the schoolyard with their children after 3:50 p.m. must leave by 4:10 p.m. to make way for use by the Willingdon EDP. Staff on duty will bring the student to the office on occasions when students remain in the yard waiting to be picked up. Dogs are not permitted in the schoolyard and must be leashed outside the fence during endof-day student pick up.

Senior Campus Student Drop-Off

Supervision in our schoolyard begins at 9:00 a.m. & ends with the departure of buses at 3:45 p.m. The school is not responsible for students in the schoolyard beyond these times.

On days with bad weather conditions (such as extreme cold, winds or rain), an indoor entry procedure will be signaled with 3 successive bells. We require that parents do not enter the schoolyard in the morning or enter the school on indoor entry days. Parents are asked to simply drop off their children.

Senior Campus Student Pick Up

Parents who wish to pick up their children at Senior Campus must do so by the 3:40 dismissal bell. There is no yard supervision after school at the senior campus. The rest of the students will be bussed back to Junior Campus for yard pick-up or EDP. Dogs are not permitted in the schoolyard and must be leashed outside the fence during endof-day student pick up. 

Walk-Home Contract

Parents need to provide written permission for their children to walk home unaccompanied. If walking home alone will be their regular routine, the permission form in the agenda must be completed and signed to show to staff.

In the case of students who walk home occasionally, written permission must be indicated in the agenda on that day. Please sign the PERMISSION to WALK HOME contract at the end.

Code of Conduct and Behaviour at School

Students must behave in a safe and cooperative manner at all times, both in and out of class. Follow all school and classroom rules.

Willingdon Code of Conduct & Behaviour

Below is a detailed code of conduct that all members of the Willingdon Community (staff, students, parents) are expected to know and follow. Parents must discuss and explain all these items to help support the school’s effort to foster a community of enlightened, caring and respectful citizens.

As a member of the Willingdon Community:

  1. I will be honest at all times and accept responsibility for my actions. Actions have consequences; we demand that our community be honourable by telling the truth at all times and acknowledge our mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is important that we view them as learning opportunities instead of dwelling on them negatively.
  1. I will respect myself and strive to learn. I will try my hardest in and out of school to learn and become a better person. I commit to becoming proficient in both English and French. I will try read on a daily basis. I will complete all my school work. I will seek help from teachers and parents when I stumble with school work. I will try to lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating healthy foods and keeping clean. I will reflect on my character, and take inventory of my strong and weak points. I recognize that my personal life experience has value. I recognize that I have a role in making the world a better place.
  1. I will be kind to everyone and treat others the way I would like to be treated. We are all required to respect all members of our community and their property. Our community strives to be inclusive, accepting and generous. Acts such as bullying, exclusion and prejudice on school grounds or beyond are not acceptable, and are subject to disciplinary consequences. We will not harm, threaten, humiliate, harass or intimidate any member of our community verbally, psychologically or physically, in person or in cyberspace.
  1. I will speak to others in the way I would like to be spoken to. Good manners are extremely important. Within that spirit, all members of our community should aspire to be well-spoken and polite when speaking to everyone. Patience, calm tone of voice, humility and using polite language such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are all virtues that we aspire to. Bad language and screaming are not acceptable means of communication.

  2. I will respect the environment, the building and the surrounding neighbourhood. Our community will not tolerate vandalism or littering. I will not write on, damage or deface school property. I will be respectful of student work displayed in the hallway. I will clean up after myself in and out of class. I also will strive to keep the school environment clean out of respect for others and to promote a healthy environment. When entering or circulating the building, I will exercise patience and common courtesy. I will not run or push fellow community members in the building. I will hold doors for others, allow other to walk by first and keep the noise level to a minimum out of respect for others. I will remove my boots in the hall in winter. I will commit to producing the least amount of garbage possible by recycling paper and plastic, using reusable food/drink containers and throwing out the least amount of food.
  1. I will help maintain safety in our school. When provoked by another, I will try to solve the problem with patience and dialogue, and then by getting help from a staff member. I will not use violence or seek revenge to solve my problems. I will make sure that a staff member always knows where I am. I will never leave the building or school yard on my own. I will not bring toys to school. I will never bring dangerous objects to school. I will play safely in the school yard. Fighting, hitting, aggressive play and even play-fighting are not permitted. Throwing, tossing or launching objects (snowballs, rocks, etc) in the yard can lead to grave injury, and are all prohibited.

Transportation Safety

Transportation Policy

Children who ride the bus must adhere to rules exclusively in place for their safety and the safety of others. The bus driver is responsible for maintaining the safety of everyone on board. In addition, all students must:

  • I will observe the Willingdon Code of Conduct on the bus and waiting at the bus stop.
  • I will always have my bus pass.
  • I will be polite to the bus driver and respectful of their rules.
  • I will wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before entering/standing to exit.
  • I will enter/exit one at a time patiently without pushing or shoving.
  • I will remain seated at all times during the bus ride.
  • I will keep the aisle clear of school bags, lunch boxes and all other loose items.
  • I will speak in a low tone of voice, or inside voice during the bus ride.
  • I will refrain from eating or drinking, and leave no garbage on the bus.
  • I will not extend any part of my body out of the window.
  • I will not tamper with the emergency exit door/windows.
  • I will wait for the driver’s signal and keep a safe distance from the bus so the bus driver can see me when crossing the street. 

Student Conduct On The Bus 

Violation of bus rules will result in a report filed by the driver to school administration. Accumulation of bus reports will result in the consequences outlined in the table below. Depending on the offence, students may be subject to more severe consequences.

  • 2 bus reports Warning by the school administration
  • 3 bus reports Suspension of bus service for three days
  • 4 bus reports Suspension of bus service for one week
  • 5 bus reports Suspension of bus service for the entire school year

The above guidelines are intended to maintain safety on the bus and are non-negotiable. Please make sure your child is aware of the consequences of bus reports given for inappropriate behaviour.

Willingdon Anti-Bullying Policy

Willingdon Anti-Bullying Policy

Willingdon School is committed to foster in all students and staff members, respect for themselves and for others in order to provide a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment. Therefore, Willingdon School will not tolerate any form of violence or bullying in any of its forms.

Bullying and Violence are defined as follow in the Quebec Government’s Bill 56, Section 22:

Bullying means any repeated direct or indirect behavior, comment, act or gesture, whether deliberate or not, including in cyberspace, which occurs in a context where there is a power imbalance between the persons concerned, and which causes distress and injures, hurts, oppresses, intimidates or ostracizes.”

Violence means any intentional demonstration of verbal, written, physical or sexual force which causes distress and injures, hurts, or oppresses a person by attacking their psychological or physical integrity or well-being, or their rights or property.

As mandated by Bill 56, Willingdon has adopted and implemented a Safe School Action Plan that was approved by Governing Board and that will be revised annually.

The following are all considered act of bullying:

  • Derogatory comments, racial, religious, or homophobic slur and name-calling
  • Threats and intimidation (physical, verbal, or written)
  • Intentional exclusion and humiliation
  • Manipulation of another individual
  • Any of the above actions committed via social media
    • Such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc.
  • Staff members complete a reporting form to alert the administration to investigate and follow up promptly after an incident has occurred.
  • Parents/guardians can report an incident to their child’s teacher, school administrator or behaviour technician in person, with a direct phone call or by email.

Students involved directly or indirectly in any act of bullying or violence will be disciplined taking into account the severity and frequency of the act. Disciplinary measures can range from detention, suspension (up to 5 days), and communication with local authorities or placement in another school. Support measures, for any student who is a victim, a witness or a perpetrator of bullying or violence, will be offered based on the resources available in the school and/or resources outside the school. A copy of the Safe School Action Plan is available on the school’s website.

Electronic Device Policy

Electronic Device Policy

At Willingdon, we believe in promoting human, face-to-face communication in order to foster strong personal connections and social skills. The use of cell phones, camera phones, and other digital devices in school situations by students can be disruptive to the educational environment and is not acceptable.

Any form of picture taking or video can be considered an invasion of personal privacy; therefore permission must be obtained from the administration or a teacher before anyone take any pictures of the building.

The possession of electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, music players, etc.) by students on school grounds and excursions is prohibited. Failure to follow the above policy will result in disciplinary action.

Consequences for Violating the Rules

Discipline Policy

There are consequences in place for students who choose to act outside the expectations of the Willingdon Code of Conduct. Consequences may include discussions; phone calls to the home; loss of free-play privileges; exclusion from extra-curricular activities, excursions and field trips; community service; social-skills activities; in-school suspensions and suspensions. Each consequence is decided upon on a case-by-case basis and many factors are considered.

Health & Safety Rules

Willingdon Play Structure Safety Rules

These rules will be displayed at the school yard doors and on the fence adjacent to the Play Structure. The Willingdon Community commits to the following Play Structure Safety Rules:

  • I will follow the Willingdon Code of Conduct and Behaviour at all times
  • I will use the Play Structure only during Recess and Lunch on the days my class is scheduled; I will not use the Play Structure during Morning Entry
  • I will always follow the directions of the staff in the school yard
  • I will not push or pull on other students while using the Play Structure
  • I will not jump from the top of the Play Structure
  • I will not hang upside-down from the Play Structure with my legs
  • I will not climb over the top of the climbing structure
  • I will slide down while seated and one person at a time; I will not jump from the slide or climb up the slide

Accident Insurance & Ambulance Fees

Parents are encouraged to subscribe to personal insurance particularly as this relates to your child’s participation in physical education and sports, or in any other circumstances. Fees incurred for ambulance services, medical/dental/ocular services and any other services related to an injury will not be assumed by the school. Parents are encouraged to contact their personal insurance company or any other insurer to get advice and information about accident insurance coverage for their child. Any other questions should be addressed to a member of the administration.


Parents are responsible for administering medication at home. The distribution and administering of medication at school is always an exceptional measure, and it will only be administered if the following conditions are met:

  • The mandatory AUTHORIZATION TO DISTRIBUTE MEDICATION form is filled out, signed by a parent/guardian, and returned to school.
  • The medication is provided to the school in the container provided by the pharmacist including the pharmacy label with all the patient’s information.
  • The medication will be given by the school secretary, the principal or vice-principal in a discrete manner and will be kept in the office.
Homework Policy

The student agenda book is compulsory. Parents are asked to verify that their child's homework is done. Please sign. Also verify communications from the teacher.

What is Homework?

Homework at Willingdon is an extension of classroom instruction. Assigned homework usually consists of completing work that has not been finished in school or work that helps students reinforce new skills taught in class. During our “Meet the Teacher” evening, each teacher will outline their homework policy and requirements.

Lunch Program

Lunch Program

Students eat at school in the designated lunch areas. Parents receive an invoice at the beginning of the school year for lunch fees which subsidize lunch monitor salaries.

  • In accordance with EMSB policy, Willingdon School cannot guarantee an allergen-free school environment. We do strive to ensure allergen-awareness by identifying students with food allergies, sensitizing staff, students and parents to food allergies in the school, providing a safe eating environment for all students, establishing a protocol in case of anaphylactic reactions and ensuring the availability of autoinjectors.
  • There are food options available to students within our school. If a student has forgotten or is in need of a lunch, they will be provided with food to eat.
  • Parents are tasked with providing their children with healthy, balanced and nutritious snacks/lunches. Within this framework, students should start their day with breakfast, have a balanced, nutritious lunch and avoid junk food items such as soft drinks, chips, chocolate bars, candies, or gum.
  • Willingdon School strives to produce the least solid waste possible with ultimate goal of having a garbage-free lunch. In that spirit, provide your child’s drink and lunch in reusable containers whenever possible. We also encourage you to have a discussion with your children about throwing away the least amount of food possible.
  • All students are expected to enter the lunchroom in an orderly manner and remain seated with their homeroom classmates while eating. The lunch monitors are an important part of the Willingdon staff who are present to ensure safety and must be respected by students at all times.
Dress Code

Dress Code Guidelines

Willingdon School does not have a uniform however, there are regulations to ensure an appropriate appearance at school. Parents will be contacted to ensure that these guidelines are followed diligently.

  • Students are expected to dress in a neat, clean & appropriate fashion.
  • Students are expected to have the appropriate clothing for weather conditions, especially winter hats, gloves, snow pants and scarf during cold weather periods.
  • Students should always have closed-toe shoes while in school. Flip-flops or any type of shoes that do not fasten securely are not permitted. During winter, students are not permitted to wear their boots while in class.
  • All clothing items, lunch boxes and school bags should be labelled with the student’s name and HR number to ensure retrieval when lost.

Physical & Health Education Dress Code

Students are required to dress in athletic (sporty) clothing that is comfortable on days they have Santé and/or Physical Education. Students are asked to follow this dress code to ensure physical and psychological safety. It is important that students feel comfortable and move freely in clothing that does not restrict their movement.

Students are asked to wear loose-fitting t-shirts. Tank tops should have thick straps, hence no spaghetti straps. Bottoms can include jogging pants, track pants, short or tights. Please note that no jeans are allowed. Running shoes need to be in good condition. Converse and closed sandals are acceptable, however, not ideal. Students will not be allowed to participate during these classes in flip flops, ballerinas or boots. Jewelry and watches should be left at home. Students with long hair are encouraged to tie it back in order for their vision to not be impaired and it helps keep them cool while moving.

Parents & Visitors in the School

Parents & Visitors in the School

All parents, volunteers and other visitors must report to the office upon their arrival to sign in and get a visitor’s pass. If you would like to meet with an administrator or your child’s teacher, an appointment must be made in advance. Parents must not circulate the school hallways or school yard during the school day.

Field Trips

Field Trips

Educational visits or field trips to locations outside the school are planned by individual teachers to emphasize various educational goals in their programs and to instruct students beyond the curriculum. These visits cover a wide variety of settings and themes. Information about such excursions is sent home to parents and may involve varying costs. The associated costs are typically a function of transportation costs and entry fees.

Parents are requested to submit payment for field trips in accordance with the stated deadlines. All groups are accompanied by staff members and, potentially, volunteers to ensure appropriate supervision and to preserve the proper student-supervisor ratio. Appropriate behaviour in accordance with the Willingdon Code of Conduct is expected at all times while on field trips. The privilege of participating in a field trip may be denied as a consequence of disciplinary issues.

If a parent or guardian decides to remove their child from a trip, no refund, other than that of the entrance fee, will be returned to the parent or guardian. This also applies to a student who is removed from a trip due to a violation of the code of conduct.