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Willingdon’s Kathleen Usher leads international digital education coalition

Montreal - Friday, April 24, 2020

From her classroom in N.D.G., Willingdon Elementary School’s Kathleen Usher led the charge in creating “The Earth School,” an international project sponsored by organizations such as the United Nations, TED-Education, National Geographic, UNESCO and the World Wildlife Federation amongst others.

Volunteering her time as the Lead Curriculum Designer and Curator for the project, the Earth School presents 30 unique adventures for learners of all ages to discover, celebrate and connect to nature. Launched this week to coincide with Earth Day, the Earth School is comprised of daily adventures, or Quests, each organized around the theme: “The Nature of…” While the initiative is hosted online, the Quests are very much designed to encourage young people to connect with nature and their environment.

For more information on Earth School, please follow this link: