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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Science is taught using place-based, experiential and environmental approaches as mandated by the Quebec Education Program. The three competencies for science and technology are strengthened and put into operation during hands-on labs and cooperative discussion. The three competencies of the QEP’s Science and Technology Program are:

1)To propose explanations for or solutions to scientific or technological problems.

2) To make the most of scientific and technological tools, objects and procedures.

3) To communicate in the languages used in science and technology.

We use the school grounds and the surrounding community in our explorations and count on parents as outdoor classroom volunteers and as science mentors in their field of expertise. We are fortunate at Willingdon to have parents with diverse academic and professional backgrounds and last year the students enjoyed several parent-led science classes on physiotherapy, geology and physics. This year I encourage you to sign up as an outdoor classroom volunteer or as a science mentor (on the tear-off sheet below).