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Science Corner

Science has sprung to life at Willingdon with our science teacher Kathleen Usher, a long time outdoor and environmental educator who joined our staff last year.

Kathleen’s doctoral research at McGill’s Faculty of Education looks at how to better prepare teachers in training to be able to teach using place-based, experiential and outdoor educational approaches.

In Miss Kat’s class, science is brought to life using nature as a mentor and guide. The outdoor classroom and the community are used as living labs to bring a sense of meaning and place to learning. Older students play the role of mentor with the younger students sharing their learning in science in hands-on ways. The Trees of NDG, The Human Body Expo and the Science Olympics are just a few ways the Cycle 3 students share their learning with the Kindergarten and Cycle One students at Willingdon. By playing the role of mentor these students really have to know what they are talking about!


Geodesic Domes

Science is hands-on in our school! Here, the students are building geodesic domes.

Le maïs décoratif

Le maïs décoratif en première année! Les amis ont bien aimés éplucher le maïs ensemble en science!


Pesto Making Workshop

Last week we harvested our basil from the garden boxes and everyone played a part in making pesto: From squeezing lemons to washing the leaves, adding the olive oil and the parmesan cheese everyone played their part and we then enjoyed some delicious pasta with pesto for lunch! Gardening has never tasted so good!