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Every year Willingdon students have the chance to get involved in a variety of clubs, like Student Council, Green Club, and intramural sports!

SCHOOL LIFE 2014-2015

Bee Oasis Garden

Working with Alveole, the Green Committee of our school is responsible for the creation of our Bee Oasis Garden!

Thanks to Milk Monitors

A big thank you to the Grade 4 milk monitors for all their hard work in April, May and June in the milk recycling program. They relieved the senior green committee members who had been doing the milk carton rinsing and recycling since September. Here you can see the grade 4’s from room 10 and 13 enjoying a lunchtime party. We couldn’t do it without you grade 4!!

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Student Council

Meet some of our students from Willingdon's Student Council. They work under the direction of Mrs. Isabelle Daniel, Cycle III teacher, and contribute to school life and the betterment of our school!

studentcouncil2 student council

Green Committee News

At Willingdon we have a very active and vibrant environment club called the Green Committee made up of 28 members from grades 4-6 and coordinated by our science teacher Kathleen Usher. The GC recently launched a series of six junior green committee workshops that they have held over lunch hours with students from grades 1-3. What a beautiful sight to see our senior members working side by side with the younger students and sparking in them a love for their planet. So far the junior participants have made recycled paper, played recycling games, constructed bird feeders, learned about garbage-free lunches and just this week got the vegetables started indoors for the outdoor garden boxes! Way to go Green Committee!

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Special Mention

A special mention needs to go to the Grade 4 classes who have assumed the work of milk carton rinsing and recycling from the seniors at the school. This requires teams of student volunteers to spend their recess, on a rotating basis, rinsing out the little milk cartons so that they can be recycled instead of thrown into the trash. This wonderful work reduces our weekly garbage production by six large bags! Thank you to the seniors who worked tirelessly on this until the end of March and hats off to the Grade 4’s for stepping up!

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Junior Green Committee Workshop

The Willingdon Green Committee held it’s first Junior Green Committee Workshop and it was very successful! 25 students from Grades 1 to 3 were welcomed by the 30 green committee members – the students ate lunch together – a thrill for the younger students! – and then learned how to make recycled paper- check out these great action shots. The Green Committee looks forward to seven more workshops in the series. Way to go Green Committee: you are showing great leadership!

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The Goldsworthy Challenge

Working together for sustainability can be hard – we thought art could help! The challenge: Using only one type of natural material (rocks, sticks, leaves…) create a sculpture. This was a group challenge and so lots of communication and consensus building had to take place. In the end each group managed to meet the challenge – here are the sculptures!

IMG_4909 IMG_4910 IMG_4911 IMG_4912 IMG_4914 IMG_4915 IMG_4917 IMG_4918 IMG_4919 IMG_4922 IMG_4926 IMG_4927 IMG_4928

Willingdon Food Garden

The Green Committee at Willingdon is involved in many environmental and sustainability initiatives at the school and within the community. We have a dedicated team of Green Committee members who act as milk monitors – they rinse out all the milk cartons so that they can be recycled and thus divert nine bags of trash a week from the landfill!! No wonder we call them “Waste Reduction Warriors”!

The Willingdon Food Garden is a wonderful (and tasty!) sustainability initiative run by the Green Committee. This year the members sampled great produce and for many of them this was the first time they had ever pulled a carrot and eaten it directly from the garden – a transformative experience!

This year the Green Committee will participate in many environmental initiatives including energy, water and waste audits of the school, awareness campaigns about garbage free lunches and turning the lights off when not in use. Another big challenge for this year: to reduce our weekly waste production by another three garbage bags per week to meet our goal of reducing our overall waste production by 33%!

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Potato Harvest

The Green Committee harvested the potatoes they had planted last May and invited Bonnie Soutar from the NDG Food Depot to come by and collect them. The students figured that rather than dividing the potatoes up among themselves they would donate the harvest instead. Way to go Green Committee!!

IMG_4561 IMG_4565 IMG_4568

Putting the Garden to Bed

winter is coming and so the green committee had to clear out the garden boxes and pull a lot of weeds from the front planting beds – careful of those sticky seeds!


Milk Monitors in action!

Teams of green committee members spend recess rinsing out the milk cartons to divert this waste from the landfill. They work hard to make our world a better place!


Junior Green Committee Update

The Willingdon Green Committee organized and facilitated several junior green committee workshops this winter and spring. Here you can see them making bird feeders from recycled milk cartons, planting the seedlings that will go into the garden boxes and enjoying each other’s company up in room 28. Way to go Green Committee!!

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Book Club Blog!

This year the students in Room 9 are testing out a new kind of book club: a book blog! Together with their teacher, Ms. Daniel, and the media specialist, Ms. Dimas, they are creating a collection of book recommendations and fostering a dialogue around their love of reading in a safe, secure space. As of November 11, there are 22 published posts and over 180 comments! These numbers are sure to grow in the coming weeks!

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