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PHOTO ALBUM 2015-2016

2016 Field Day and Fun Fair

Another wonderful Field Day was held in our school last on June 14th! The schoolyard was filled with laughter and shouts of joy all day long!

The dunk tank was a big hit this year during our annual Fun Fair, hosted by the Home and School! Thanks to our wonderful staff members who volunteered to be dunked in the freezing water...our Phys Ed teachers, Miss Belinsky and Mr. Jon, our Science teacher, Miss Usher, our secretary, Miss Andrea...and our fabulous vice principal, Mr. Guerriero!

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2016 Storytelling

Storytelling in English took place at our school on March 22nd. The judges had a very challenging task but finally came up with our Cycle III medalists and a winner from our grade four finalists. At Willingdon, grade four students are permitted to enter their stories for the competition, so that they can begin practising their storytelling skills. When they are in grade 5 and 6, they compete for participation in the Regional storytelling celebration. Willingdon has wonderful storytellers!

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Toolbox: Social Skills Program

Toolbox is in its second year in our school...our students are making use of the twelve tools whenever they are faced with situations of conflict...they are learning to be proactive!

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Staff and Teacher Appreciation Week

A staff room filled with joy and much appreciation!! Thank you to our devoted parents!!! You spoil us every year, and this year was no exception!!

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Art Oratoire

Once again, Art oratoire showcased some very talented storytellers, telling their stories in French!!! We are very proud of our finalists!

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Storytelling Workshop

Nicolas Doyon, EMSB Arts Consultant, treated our students to wonderful stories, and guided them through the process of writing and telling stories.

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Sidewalk Chalk

Gordie Production's annual theatrical presentation was enjoyed once again, right before March break. This year's presentation was Sidewalk Chalk.

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Kindergarten Breakfast with Santa

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Ogilvy Toy Tea

Donating money or toys for Toy Tea is one of the many charitable donations our school makes. This year, we collected toys for Ogilvy’s annual Toy Tea, thanks to our spiritual animator, Miss Linda Luca, and her wonderful team of helpers, all pictured here. Way to go Willingdon!

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Retired UN Peacekeeper visits Willingdon Students

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