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Within the French Immersion Program, Willingdon also offers exciting special programs for its students.

Science and Technology

A large science class room set up like a lab is where the science specialist teaches the Cycle II and III students to be inquisitive and discover by experimentation. Instruction includes many neighbourhood outings where hands-on learning takes place. In May, the Cycle II students prepare projects for the annual science expositions.  Science and technology is taught in English.

Extra-Curricular Chess Program

Chess instruction is scheduled during the day and classes are also offered during the lunch hour.  Students learn strategies and compete against each other during the course of the year.  Chess champions are recognized at the end of the school year and medals of honour are given to students.

Competitions and Challenges

Preparation for various competitions led by parent volunteers and teachers also takes place during the lunch hour; students enjoy taking part in the GEOGRAPHY CHALLENGE, MATH CHALLENGE AND SPELLING BEE, all annual programs for our older students.  At the end of the session, winners are recognized in assemblies with medals and various other awards and certificates.

Programme de Musique

Music is taught from Kindergarten to the end of Cycle III and two concerts are produced annually; one for our younger students, the Holiday Concert, and one for our senior students, the End of the Year Concert. The senior students are taught to play the recorder.  The music program is taught in French.